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About Metafor

Metafor Clothing is a division of Metafor Enterprises LLC:

Metafor Enterprises LLC is a company with a vision; the vision to help children grow and flourish in the midst of the struggles of growing up in conditions that are beyond their control. There are many children who are being raised in less than ideal circumstances including living in impoverished neighbourhoods, experiencing a lack of food and water or even clothes on their backs. These children deserve nothing but the best, but when they have to struggle from day to day; survival becomes their only method of existence. Unfortunately this existence propels the vicious cycle of delinquency and many become statistics. Why let a child become a statistic, when we have the ability to influence them to become the doctors, lawyers, executives and even Presidents that our ancestors always envisioned us to be.

The meaning behind M.E.T.A.F.O.R. is simple and speaks for itself: Mastering our Exixtence (spelled wrong intentionally) Through Achievements while not Forgetting Our Rights, Race or Religion. This simply expresses that we as human beings are supposed to master our exixtence in the lives we have been blessed with. It is Metafor’s goal to help engrain that a positive way of life is achievable and wearable.

Metafor Enterprises is comprised of three different divisions; a clothing line (Metafor Clothing), a non-profit organization (Meta4Lyfe), and an entertainment company (Metafor Entertainment). The success of each division will help to fuel the others starting with Metafor Clothing. Once Metafor Clothing starts to gain profits, 10-25% of every sale will be reinvested to fund Meta4Lyfe which will begin the process of reaching out to as many children and youth as possible. Our business model will be prominently visible on all hangtags, websites, blogs and any other communication from the company to the consumer so that it is KNOWN that profits are going to a greater cause in our society.

Meta4Lyfe is a non-profit organization built to help mentor under-privileged kids in all facets of life. From essential writing and studying skills that will ensure success in school, to empowering high school students with knowledge on how to be financially responsible when they enter the real world, Meta4Lyfe is focussed on ensuring that these kids have a strong foundation upon which they can build solid futures.

The initial phases of Meta4Lyfe will begin in the state of Georgia, where Metafor Enterprises began and will slowly branch off to surrounding states, with intentions of continuing nation-wide.

For further information or to contact Metafor Enterprises LLC please visit: or and click on the contact tab and complete the online form, or you can email us directly at or